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Seaworthy Coffee Roasters

Cacao Decaf Coffee

Cacao Decaf Coffee

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Medium Roast- Cacao & Swiss Water Process Decaf Blend

*Contains small amount of caffeine from the cacao husks and nibs*

Seaworthy Decaf Cacao Coffee isn't just a bag of decaf coffee!  We've partnered up with Gansett Craft Chocolate to bring you this premium blend of Peruvian Chuncho Cacao husks & nibs, and our slow roasted Brazilian Swiss Water Process Decaf ground coffee.  The cacao husks & nibs are carefully sourced and roasted by award winning beans to bar chocolate makers, Gansett Craft Chocolates, right here in Rhode Island! 

Cacao is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and mixes beautifully with our slow roasted Swiss Water Decaf Brazilian coffee to bring you this truly unique, deeply flavorful, smooth, chocolatey cup of coffee with some added health benefits to boot!  While this blend is made with decaf coffee, the cacao husks and nibs will still bring a small amount of caffeine to the table.

*Seaworthy Decaf Cacao Coffee is only available ground as the husks & nibs are not able to be ground in a typical coffee grinder.  

Please visit Gansett Craft Chocolate's website to see their full menu and what they're all about!


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