Where To Find Us


Holmestead Harvest East Bridgewater, MA - Retail

Lees Market Westport, MA - Retail


Rhode Island

ReVive with Coffee Ashaway, RI - Drip, Espresso, Cold Brew, Snapchill Cans

The Beach Rose Cafe Charlestown, RI - Drip, Espresso, Iced, Cold Brew, Retail, Snapchill Cans

Charlestown Mini Super Charlestown, RI - Retail

Quonnie Farms Charlestown, RI - Drip, Espresso, Retail

Roch’s Fresh Foods Narragansett, RI - Retail

Roch’s Fresh Foods West Greenwich, RI - Retail, Snapchill Cans

Richmond Market Richmond, RI - Retail, Snapchill Cans

Shepherd's Run South Kingstown, RI - Pour Over

Onshore Brewing Tiverton, RI - Drip, Espresso, Cold Brew, Snapchill Cans

South County Bread Company Wakefield, RI - Drip, Cold Brew, Retail

Island Deli Wakefield, RI - Cold Brew, Snapchill Cans

South Coast Organics and Bulk Foods Wakefield, RI - Bulk Retail

Sweenor’s Chocolates Wakefield, RI - Retail

Belmont Market Wakefield, RI - Retail, Snapchill Cans

New Wave Kitchen Wakefield, RI - French Press

Peter Pots Pottery West Kingston, RI - Retail

Rock Spot  All locations - Snapchill Cans

Clements Marketplace Portsmouth, RI - Retail

Seymour Foods Providence, RIRetail



**Available now

Shaidzon Beer Co. West Kingston, RI - www.shaidzonbeer.com

Third Anniversary Imperial Stout with Vanilla Beans & Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Single Origin Light Roast Coffee

Fifth Anniversary Imperial Stout with Coconuts, Engine Rooms Espresso, & Coconut Joe Coffee

Sixth Anniversary Imperial Stout with Brazil Sul de Minas Coffee and Peruvian Chuncho Cacao Husks & Nibs (husks and nibs roasted by Gansett Craft Chocolates)

Fifth Anniversary 2.0 Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Coconut, Engine Room Espresso, and Coconut Joe Flavored Coffee

Gansett Craft Chocolate Wakefield, RI - www.gansettcraftchocolate.com

**Seaworthy Cacao Coffee- A delightful blend of our slow roasted Brazilian ground coffee and Gansett Craft Chocolate's Peruvian Chuncho Cacao Husks and Nibs

**Gansett Craft Chocolate Coffee Milk Chocolate Bars made with our Brazil Sul de Minas Single Origin Medium Roast

**Gansett Craft Chocolate Rhode Island Coffee Milk Bars made with our Brazil Sul de Minas Single Origin Medium Roast

Jennifer's Chocolates Wakefield, RI - Espresso Bars made with our Engine Room Espresso

Isis Cakes Wakefield, RI - Father’s Day Cake and Coffee Special made with our Mainstay Dark Roast Blend