About Us


Slow roasted in small batches

We know the best things in life take time.  That's why we take our time to slow roast all of our beans.  Our unique roasting method was developed by our roaster, Jenna, through research, trial and error, attention to detail, and a true desire for coffee to taste as good as it smells.  Slow roasting creates an exceptionally smooth cup of coffee, with rich aroma, and deep flavor that sustains until the very last sip.

Our meticulous roasting method goes beyond taste alone as our slow roasted coffee is also gentle on the stomach and devoid of any jitters-inducing effects, so you can savor each moment without worry.  Go ahead, have that second (or third) cup!

Small batch roasting ensures that every cup is consistently on point with our authentic taste and texture. With every sip, you'll discover why our slow roasted coffee truly hits different!

A Seaworthy Story

Our story begins 17 years ago, when owner/roaster, Jenna walked on to the Women’s Rowing Team at The University of Rhode Island.  Each morning the team would rise before the crack of dawn, head down to the boathouse and row for hours, leading her down a path that would keep her close to the water both literally and figuratively for years to come.

Later, between crew coaching jobs in RI and after working as an operations manager at the shipping ports in Jersey, Jenna found her other passion in life- coffee. Working as a barista and then eventually as a roaster, she was hooked once she was hit by the aroma of that first batch.  It wasn't long before Jenna and her wife Lauren knew they had to take the plunge and open a coffee roasting company.  It was through trial and error (and a lot of homework) that Jenna continued on to develop our unique slow roasting process all while Lauren designed Seaworthy's logo by hand and worked hard to develop our brand.

Success on the water reflects hard work, preparation, attention to detail, consistency, and passion.  Our brand reflects a deep respect for these lessons learned and what it means to be "Seaworthy".