About Us

Seaworthy Coffee Roasters is a family owned and operated coffee roasting company based in Southern Rhode Island.

Slow Roasted in Small Batches

We know the best things in life take time. That's why all of our coffee is slow roasted to perfection. This unique roasting process creates deep flavor while producing an exceptionally smooth cup of coffee. It’s easier on your stomach, too! 

We source our beans exclusively from specialty coffee traders. By roasting these beans in small batches, we maintain a greater amount of control over the roast, ensuring an authentic taste you will only find with Seaworthy Coffee.

Meet the Owners

Owners Jenna and Chad share a passion for the water.

For Jenna, it all started when she walked on to the Women’s Rowing team at URI. Every morning, Jenna and her teammates would rise before dawn, head down to the Narrow River and row for hours, leading her down a path that would keep her close to the water both literally and figuratively for years to come. It was between coaching jobs that Jenna found her other passion in life- coffee. Working as a barista and then eventually as a roaster, she was hooked once the aroma of her first batch hit her.  

“Roasting and rowing have a lot of parallels for me. You have to first be willing to work hard, to be a novice, and to make mistakes. You then learn to use your senses to read the coffee, just like you learn to use your senses to read the water. You practice, collect data, make adjustments, and then you put your skills on the line. The finish line is now a fantastic cup of coffee.”

For her father Chad, it started in Boy Scouts, where he first learned to sail a sunfish sailboat. Growing up, he spent a lot of time on the water sailing and canoeing on the local ponds and rivers. His love for sailing resurfaced a little later in life when he found an old 22 ft. sailboat in need of serious repair. One day at a time, in between his jobs and raising 3 kids, he repaired and refurbished the boat in the family driveway until eventually it was rendered seaworthy again! The rest is history as Chad is still an avid sailor to this day.